Support Services for Adult Learners

Napa Valley Adult Education Consortium (NVAEC) identifies student support services throughout the Napa Valley region for adult learners.

These are special services that can help you with the support you need to complete your adult education goals (covered in the programs tab).

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is one-on-one support specifically for adult students who are studying the programs mentioned in the section above (ESL, CTE, Basic Skills, etc.)

Career Preparation Courses

Career preparation includes various services:

  • Career exploration – Identification of your aptitudes and interests
  • Resume writing
  • Interview practice
  • Job search
Training & Retraining for Workforce (Re)Entry

These are supports for the workforce after a long period of unemployment. Supports include help with career assessments that determine your interests, strengths, and skills needs; job placement; and career training.

Adults with Disabilities Services & Supports

These are options for organizations and programs that provide modified equipment, materials, and instructional strategies to help job seekers with disabilities develop literacy and workplace skills that help boost their ability to become employed.

Individual Student Planning & Counseling

These are counseling services to help adult students studying in the program areas mentioned above (ESL, CTE, Basic Skills, etc.) to successfully achieve their educational goals and overcome academic barriers. Counseling services may include:

  • Creating individual student plans for success
  • Help planning classes and educational goals
  • Help planning career goals and strategies
  • Providing information about credit and noncredit classes
  • Providing information on how to obtain an Associate Degree or Certificate
  • Help transferring into college credit classes
  • Providing information on High School Diploma vs. GED Preparation
Child Care

Childcare is a service specifically to help adult learners as they attend Adult Education classes in the program areas mentioned above (ESL, CTE, Basic Skills, etc.).