We help adults learners reach academic and career goals



Assembly Bill 104 established the Adult Education Block Grant. The grant provides funding to regional consortia in the State of California to address the needs of at-risk adult learners to enable them to get the education and skills needed to enter the work force.

NVAEC is a consortium of Napa Valley Unified School District/Napa Valley Adult Education, Napa Valley College, Napa County Office of Education, Calistoga Joint Unified School District, and St Helena Unified School District.

The vision of NVAEC is to create a student-centered continuum of educational programs and services resulting in a literate and skilled workforce that represents the diverse composition of our community. NVAEC’s ultimate goal is to helps adults in the Napa Valley region to learn academic and job skills to improve their employment opportunities and set new career goals.

Through our members and our our workforce development and human services partners, NVAEC seeks to contribute to the overall economic health of the Napa Valley region by connecting adults to educational programs that empower them to overcome past challenges, gain in-demand skills, and increase their earning capacity.



NVAEC focuses on seven key areas, which were defined in Adult Education Program (AEP) legislation:

  1. Programs in elementary and secondary basic skills, including programs leading to a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate.
  2. Programs for immigrants eligible for educational services in citizenship, English as a second language, and workforce preparation.
  3. Programs for adults, including, but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily related to entry or reentry into the workforce.
  4. Programs for adults, including, but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily designed to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and secondary school children to succeed academically in school.
  5. Programs for adults with disabilities.
  6. Programs in career technical education that are short term in nature and have high employment potential.
  7. Programs offering pre-apprenticeship training activities conducted in coordination with one or more apprenticeship programs approved by the Division of Apprenticeship Standards for the occupation and geographic area.